So I’ve not done much of this blogging thing before.

Scratch that. I’ve done plenty of this before but have never really kept purpose and inevitably just wiped whatever blog I had rolling. Always good to start fresh, yes?

Without a clear goal every blogging venture I have ever embarked on eventually became yet another meandering examination of the self that no one in any clear state of mind would have any interest in at all. I’ll try and keep that to a minimum. :fingers_crossed:

So what’s going to make this any different? Optimism! Idealism! Naivety! It’s kind of part of my job now!

As I fall into place here at VCU Alt Lab I’ll be using this space to talk about what it is exactly I do here. Expect exhaustive posts on Wordpress development, clunky write-ups on programming techniques I have no business pretending to be an authority on, and meandering self examination with a slant towards the creative process. Also cartoons.

Hope you’ll find something of at least questionable value. Continue at your own risk.