2016 was a helluva year. New state, new baby, new jobs, new house, new cat… It’s been exhausting, exhilarating, and terrifying. Some highlights:

  • First full calendar year with the entire family in Austin, TX.
  • Griffon and Bubbles both passed away.
  • Squids joined the troupe leaving our total at 2 cats, 0 dogs, 0 fish.
  • Frances enjoyed her first full calendar year of life and her first birthday.
  • Remus has made a ton of new friends.
  • Jeni went back to work and continues to homeschool.
  • Our weekly DnD group has played more or less every week for the entire year.
  • I officially became a front end engineer and learned how to write APIs, work with Mongodb, Express, React, Redux… basically Javascript on a professional level.
  • I also ran two ultras this year, a high desert mountain 50k and a super flat 50 mile (my first).


Miles run: 916

Longest run: 50 miles

Most elevation in a single run: 6955 feet

Github contributions: 1,119

Instagrams: 2

Finished Comics: 0

Blogs written: 16